Polymer Search
10x Marketing Productivity and Performance with Polymer
Having built complex systems for the world's largest advertisers at Google, we understand what makes ads measurement hard
and have designed the world's easiest way to understand, explain and optimize your marketing efforts.
Designed by a Google Ads Tech Lead
Ash, our co-founder, helped build Google's Target CPA, Target ROAS and Smart Bidding platforms. Responsible for advanced optimization for billions of dollars of ad spend, he pioneered effective ads measurement and algorithms at Google.
Data Productivity and Speed matters
Polymer's visual UX and instant capabilities boil down complex querying and pivot tables into a few simple clicks. Which means you can iterate fast and save 10s of hours every week.
Maximize ROI and cut down waste
Polymer is packed with clever algorithms that surface ROI, ad lift and trending performance across multiple segments and targeting factors. You can directly see where your dollars are driving value or waste and boost conversions intelligently.
Client Transparency and Trust
Clients, publishers and advertisers thrive on transparency and data competency. Polymer helps you communicate and explain deeper aspects visually. Boost client and team confidence in ways not possible before.
Polymer works with any kind of marketing data
Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn ads, Amazon Ads
Identify ROI hotspots and optimize ad spend quickly
Identify top ROI opportunities across any group of segments with couple clicks.
Top Outliers for Ad Lift
Polymer finds the most promising ad lift and performance patterns. What took hours of querying or pivot tables can now be done in a couple clicks.
Iterate quickly at 10x speed
Polymer delivers speed and depth, making you 10x more effective in understanding and optimizing your marketing efforts.

Check out an Example Polymer Site for Google Ads Data
Automatic Intelligence
Compute top hotspots for ROI, Conversions or Cost
Instant Visual Intelligence
Easiest way to visualize breakdowns and heat-maps
Compare and Detect Trends
Polymer automatically finds the most trending or stable patterns
Get Started in Seconds
Polymer can import any kind of structured ads data
Drag & Drop
No-code and automatic. Polymer converts your data to a smart webapp.
Auto Parsing of Data
All your data is parsed, bucketed and presented in a visual web interface.
Auto-Grouping and
All segments are grouped and presented as clickable tags. Query fast and easy.
Bring Polymer's Magic to your Marketing Data
Unparalleled data productivity for you and your team.