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Get instant access to Polymer Search, the best way to turn spreadsheets into applications.
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Get instant access to Polymer Search, the best way to turn spreadsheets into applications.
Make Sense of Complex Data in Seconds
Polymer's fully automated analysis converts your spreadsheet or complex business data into a highly interactive and productive web app in seconds. Get answers to complex questions, see detailed breakdowns, discover key outliers, and explain/optimize business ROI with unprecedented speed and no querying knowledge or data expertise.
Experience Polymer's Full Data Automation in this 25 Second Video
Simplicity is somehow essentially describing the purpose and place of an object and product. The absence of clutter is just a clutter-free product. That's not simple.
How Does Polymer Work?
Get up and running with Polymer in 3 simple steps. There's no manual setup or configuration needed.
Step 1: Drag & Drop Data Import
Drag and drop any CSV or XLS file or connect a data source like Dropbox or Google Drive. More data connectors coming soon!
Step 2: Automatic Analysis
Polymer's AI identifies key groups, segments, and the underlying relationships in your dataset, automatically within a few seconds.
Step 3: Interactive Web App
Polymer builds a powerful and fully interactive web app. Drill into your data, quickly build visualizations, and even automate insights.
⚡️Polymer is in Beta⚡️ If you'd like to be an early adopter and use Polymer for your spreadsheet-like data, please sign up below.
Polymer helped me understand complex aspects of my data rapidly so I could drive data driven outcomes in realtime.
Greg Badros
Former VP Product, Data Science @ Facebook
Former Director Gmail, AdSense @ Google
What Can You Do With Polymer?
Being able to move fast and make optimal decisions from your data is a key business advantage. However, existing tools get in the way, especially if you are not a trained expert. At Polymer, our mission is to enable any business user to dive deep quickly and drive quality decisions while requiring close to zero manual work or training
Move at the Speed of Thought

Polymer was designed for rapid problem solving. It helps guide your thinking via its knowledge discovery UX that lets you answer anything you can think of with a few clicks.

This Discovery UX is key to iterating and asking the right questions without knowing everything in advance.
Think in Groups and Segments, Not Rows and Columns

Rows and columns are not conducive for human understanding. Polymer automatically identifies, parses and presents all the groups in your data in a way that gives you perfect intuition. They can then be instantly clicked and combined intelligently across different columns to create more complex queries in seconds.
Create Interactive and Detailed Visualizations in a Few Clicks
Existing tools demand a lot of steps to build meaningful and useful visualizations. Polymer re-invents the whole experience.

See breakdowns and relationships for any aspect within 1-3 clicks. Everything is interactive, which means you can simply click on any standout aspect (e.g. largest source of revenue) to zoom into it and explore other variables right away.
Build and View Complex Breakdowns Without the Pain of Pivot Tables

Polymer specializes in letting you ask questions combining multiple segments e.g. product, location, revenue, cost, owner. This gives you actionable and practical insights vs general ideas. Normally, such depth requires advanced querying skills, but Polymer's visual interface and automatic insights makes it accessible within a few minutes of learning.
Detect Outliers and Optimize ROI Automatically

For the first time, now anyone can detect the key outliers in their data and evaluate important tradeoffs for any opposing KPIs with just 3 clicks. This can be done across any number of group combinations, giving you advanced data super powers without needing to write code.

What used to be the domain of advanced SQL queries can now be accessed by any business person, helping drive optimal decision making for any scenario.
What Kind of Business Data Works Best?
Although Polymer is versatile enough for any business dataset, here are some key domains where Polymer has been found to be immediately helpful to drive business decision making.
Bring Polymer's Magic to your Data
Unparalleled data productivity for you and your team.