Polymer Search
Automatic insights for your small data.
Polymer's AI automatically creates a smart interface from your raw spreadsheet data.

Ask complex questions, discover hundreds of valuable connections, and become your own data expert – all in a matter of seconds.
Explore Data Visually
Explore meaningful connections in your data with an intuitive interface. Stop swimming through rows and columns.
Drive Superior Results
Get interactive answers to complex questions and discover hidden insights. Ditch the pivot tables and SQL queries.
Boost Your Efficiency
Polymer's Top down view with Smart Tags boosts your productivity by up to 90%. Quit relying on data analysts or manual queries.
Update: Polymer was selected and is now part of the ERA Tech Accelerator in NYC for Summer 2019!
Want Polymer for your Organization?
We're currently accepting new companies for our private beta.
Designed for your Data
Polymer automatically constructs an optimized interface for exploration and analysis. Think of it as a search and discovery engine for your data.
Visual Querying
Polymer generates smart tags from your data. As you click on them, you construct powerful queries that would be challenging even for SQL experts.
Optimized for Mobile
Traditional spreadsheets and other data sources are painful to consume on the go. Polymer was built with a mobile experience in mind.
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