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Get instant access to Polymer Search, the best way to turn spreadsheets into applications.
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Get instant access to Polymer Search, the best way to turn spreadsheets into applications.
Duplicate How it Works?
Polymer can grant you exponential intelligence and enable effective action around your raw data, while being extremely simple and efficient to use.
Bring Your Buried Data to Life.
Polymer can take the data sitting buried in spreadsheets and CRMs, and transform it to help you make better decisions without any extra effort. Our mission is to make your data work for you and your business.
Dynamic Intelligence, Not Just a Dashboard.
Polymer is designed around extracting hundreds of insights dynamically, at the speed of thought. You can explore hundreds of questions for any context or need, all in seconds. No need to ask your analyst to create a new dashboard for every need.
Your Data Has Exponential Connections. Leverage Them.
Did you know that even data with hundreds of rows can be hiding thousands to millions of connections? True intelligence is able to explore these connections easily and exploit them to your advantage. Polymer lets you do both. Augment your brain and become a data genius.

AI-Assisted Automation.
Polymer's AI automatically understands your dimensions and segments in raw data, and connects them in a giant inter-connected graph. Its simple interface then lets you explore the top level segments along with all their connections in seconds.

Normally, it takes an analyst hours/days to model this kind of relationship. Now, anyone can get advanced data superpowers without lifting a finger.
Gain Unprecedented Speed.
In our tests, users can be 90% more effective in answering questions and extracting insights than a spreadsheet or even using SQL (advanced query language). For some questions, users even gave up when using a spreadsheet, while being able to answer in seconds with Polymer.

Imagine the benefits of a dramatic boost in productivity to you and your team. Stop wasting time waiting for someone else to do it or spending hours creating pivot tables yourself.
Simplicity - No training Required.
Insights, intelligence, and connections. For far too long, this has been the domain of highly trained data scientists, leaving everyone at their mercy. Polymer's goal is to fix that imbalance..

For the first time, anyone on your team or in your organization can become dramatically more productive and intelligent with their data, in less than a minute. Polymer is visual, click-based and intuitive. There is no new language or skillset to learn.
Dynamic Visualization of Numerical Data
You want to effectively visualize and optimize around certain metrics. Be it sales deal value or your conversions. Instead of creating a fixed chart with multiple steps, you can visualize anything against anything, in seconds.

"Visualize my total deal value by product, stuck in decision pending stage in Boston"

Visualize hundreds of complex combinations like above in seconds!
The Power of Discovering the Unexpected.
A lot of tools we use today are based on us knowing what we want. But sometimes, the biggest value comes from insights we didn't even know we could have or ask for. Polymer's powerful top down model of showing dynamic connections is designed for rapid discovery and exploring the unknown.

We have witnessed many aha moments from our users and we know you'll experience the same!
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