Top 6 features (Ash)
- Polymer's AI auto converts any raw data into an intelligent web interface. (This is perhaps the top part - i.e. already conveyed in the top 40% of the page)

- Designed to make every business worker their own data expert.
- Boost data productivity up to 10x
- Visual query interface that anyone can learn in seconds
- Fully Automatic Insights: Discover deep multi-dimensional insights with Polymer's algorithms.
- Single-click dynamic visualizations: Dive into important metrics and their cause-effect.
- Mobile ready - Access complex structured data on the go.

Is this block better than a carousel for showing cluster of features?
It gives a quick overview of what's hiding on the other slide as opposed to complete unknown for carousel.

And is this block mobile friendly?
Architecture course for all curious people
The history of architecture traces the changes in architecture through various traditions, regions, overarching stylistic trends, and dates.You will study Architectural History, which is a survey from antiquity to the present day. An introduction to key aspects central to the study of Architectural History. You will also choose an option course from another subject area.
History course for people who are interested in art
You will study History of Art, which covers the period from the fall of the Roman Empire until the end of the Counter-Reformation. This will include non-Western material. You will also choose an option course from another subject area.