Polymer Search
From Spreadsheet to Search and Insights
Web Application
Transform data into a deeply engaging and intelligent experience in seconds.

With minimal effort, build a rich interactive layer for your important datasets and become a data expert almost instantly.
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Product Features
Search & Discovery Uses
Insight & Visualization Uses
Automatically built in less than a minute from any spreadsheet, ad report or dataset!
Live Interactive Examples
"Complex aspects of my company data were made obvious in ways I've never experienced before. Polymer's approach is refreshing and game-changing."
Greg Badros
Former VP of Product & Data Science @ Facebook
Former Director of Gmail & AdSense @ Google
Erik Fogg
Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer @ ProdPerfect
"You can literally ask any question about a dataset and get an answer. I think the world's been waiting for this for a long time."
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Deep Search and Knowledge Discovery
Find the best view for all attributes
In-Depth visual problem solving
Auto trend-spotting with any time series
Interactive, Automated and Instant
Experience information clarity like never before
Visual Understanding
Polymer's Visual Discovery UX guides you effortlessly toward the right problems and finding answers with a few clicks.
Polymer IQ offers powerful algorithms to help uncover new intelligence around performance, ROI or KPIs.
Collaborative Insights
Quickly save or checkpoint your insights as "views" and easily share and collaborate with your team or clients.
Polymer's uses are only limited by data's uses. Which is to say... they're basically limitless.
Content Discovery
Present your content and let your audience search for entries that match their affinity
Share Curated Content
Present your constituents with a view of available tools or assets
Employee Search Dir...
Create a company rolodex for employee search and discovery
Search & Discovery
Use Polymer to present content in a simple, user-driven discovery experience
Polymer example
Polymer example
Polymer example
Ecommerce Insights
Find which products have the best margin given customer acquisition costs and more
Facebook Ads
Search multi-demographic segments to find the audience with the best ROI
Compile Survey Data
Visualize aggregated responses and slice the results by other variables
Insight & Visualization
With powerful, simple to use optimization and charting features, Polymer is the insights tool for everyone
Google Ads
Perform multi-segment analyses to optimize campaign performance
Sales Intelligence
Analyze the reasons that top accounts are being won and more
Polymer example
Polymer example
Polymer example
Polymer example
Polymer example
Who is Behind Polymer?
From AI to the UI, we combine years of experience, and a passion for technology, computer science, product, & design.
Ash Gupta
Co-Founder, CEO
Former Tech Lead for ML and Measurement at Google Ads
Wall Street Quantitative Developer at D.E. Shaw
PhD, Computer Science, Black Box Systems and Performance
Yasser Ansari
Roots in Product and Design. Previously launched an EdTech venture with National Geographic and built a product/design consultancy with clients including Google, Pinterest, Robinhood, and startups in YC and Techstars. NYU/ITP alum.