Sales Intelligence with Polymer
Put Polymer to work on your CRM data and gain a deeper understanding of your team and opportunities, instantly.
A Powerful and Interactive View.
Polymer analyzes your CRM data and automatically builds a tag-based interface for exploring all the cohorts and connections in your pipeline. You can dynamically interact with your data to answer real questions by simply clicking on multiple tags. Explore your data visually and generate insights without being dependent on an analyst or engineer.

Smart [Tags] = Instant Answers.
Better Understand
Your Opportunities.
Drill deeper into your deals to discover important details. Polymer lets you see all the attributes of each deal and how closely they are related to other deals. Get a better understanding of your opportunities, see how deals are connected, and cross-leverage to maximize successful outcomes.

[Who] on my team has sold [Product X] to [Company A] in [City 1]?
Break Everything Down by Deal Stage.
See where every deal stands and make better decisions to help close more deals and optimize your team's efforts and resources. Keep your pipeline full and converting and make needed adjustments before it's too late.

What [City] where we're selling [Product Y] has the most deals that are [Decision Pending]?
Track Your Team's Performance.
Break down deal value by team member and see who's on target. When employees come and go, quickly get a grasp of the impact on your pipeline and the overall business, without skipping a beat.

[Who] on my team selling [Product Z] is bringing the most [Deal Value] to the company?
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