Polymer Search
Using Polymer to your advantage
Polymer can turn you and your team into a data pro in the fastest possible time.
This page outlines Polymer's top capabilities and how to use them with short tutorials.
4 Immediate Benefits from Polymer + Your Data
1. Incredible Speed and Iteration
Current tools take too many steps. Polymer gets you the answers you seek or didn't even know existed in a matter of seconds and with just 2-4 clicks. Polymer is 10x-50x faster in our tests. (seconds vs hours or days!)
2. Deep Intelligence for Segments and Performance
Data actionability comes down to understanding how multiple segments in your data perform, correlate, stand out or behave across time. Polymer is the best way to do this today without deep technical skills.
3. Best way to Present Insights
Impress your clients or work with your team in a dynamic and interactive fashion. Polymer is the most user friendly way to share your data and live views inside it.
4. Make it fun
Data doesn't have to be boring. With our interactive, visually colorful and thoughtfully designed UX, you will actually enjoy working with data and even look forward to it.
No more overwhelm

No Pivot Tables

No time wasted

No hidden insights

6 Powerful Capabilities and how to use them
Change the way you interact with data with these innovative features.
The best part is there is no training or hours of time required to start feeling productive.
Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.