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Get instant access to Polymer Search, the best way to turn spreadsheets into applications.
Working with Polymer Search
Re-inventing the future of data productivity for everyone.
What is Polymer?
Polymer combines AI, automation, frontend and product design to provide the fastest and simplest way to get deeper insights from structured data.
The world is drowning in structured data. However, being able to query it effectively and generate powerful insights remains out of reach for most non-technical people. Our goal is to give more advanced capabilities, without the technical training, knowing how to write SQL or becoming a data scientist first. In a matter of seconds, not hours or days.
About the Founders
Ash Gupta
Ash Gupta is a former Google veteran, where he led the Machine Learning team to optimize conversions for all of Google Ads on Google Search. He holds a PhD in Computer Science (in the area of Black Box systems). He was also a top algorithmic programming contest participant and winner at regional and the international levels. He brings his lifelong passion and expertise on intelligent data systems to create the ultimate data productivity system.

You will work directly with him to brainstorm, design and implement product functionality. You're guaranteed an extremely stimulating environment, where we'll push the edges of what code and product functionality can do, and help push your own boundaries on multiple fronts.

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Yasser Ansari
Yasser is a designer and entrepreneur with roots in product management. Previously, he founded Specialist Design to help companies transform big ideas into focused products. Previous clients include Google, Pinterest, Robinhood, startups in Y Combinator and Techstars, and creative agencies Wieden+Kennedy and Droga5.

Prior to Specialist, he founded an award-winning educational technology venture with National Geographic and was a PopTech Social Innovation fellow. He is adjunct faculty at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), a startup mentor at NYU's Entrepreneurial Institute, and a founding member of [email protected]

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You'll grow and explore new heights
Work directly with founders
Founders bring years of expertise in Computer Science, algorithms, data science, AI/ML, Product Design and entrepreneurship. You will be challenged in new ways and reach new heights as an engineer.
Be part of a high growth trajectory
We are early stage, but have an amazing velocity and trajectory. It'll be almost like doing your own startup. You'll contribute to Polymer in fundamental ways while we launch and work with our earlier users and customers.
Respect and fun vibes
We believe in a culture of respect and having a good time while we build the next big thing. Expect an environment of transparency, intrinsic motivation and excitement around our vision.