Polymer Search
Turn your raw spreadsheet data into a hyper-interactive discovery and intelligence experience.
Polymer Search is the best way to view, present and understand your spreadsheet or business data. Experience quality search, discovery and deep intelligence within seconds and make your data 10x more useful.

No querying, code or data science skills needed.
Transform Your Data Into |
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The Best Search and Discovery Interface For Your Data
Present data in grid or interactive cards.
Effortlessly visualize, segment or contrast any segments or KPIs
Polymer detects Time Trending segments with zero work!
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"Complex aspects of company data were made obvious to me in seconds. It made me productive with my data in realtime, skipping the usual manual steps."
Greg Badros
Former VP Product, Data Science @ Facebook
Former Director Gmail, AdSense @ Google
Upgrade Your Data Experience,
Eliminate the Friction.
3 New Ways to Boost Your Data Productivity 10x-50x*
Visual Understanding
Polymer's Visual Discovery UX guides you effortlessly toward the right problems and finding answers with a few clicks.
Polymer IQ offers powerful algorithms to help uncover new intelligence around performance, ROI or KPIs.
Collaborative Insights
Quickly save or checkpoint your insights as "views" and easily share and collaborate with your team or clients.
Use Cases — What Kind of Business Data Works Best?
Polymer can make you productive for any business function that involves data with columns and rows.
Here are some key domains where Polymer has been found to be immediately helpful to drive business decision making.
What Company Leaders and Our Founders Have to Say:
Study Reveals Dramatic Changes in Productivity and Effectiveness
We recruited non data experts with previous spreadsheet experience to participate in a Polymer vs. Google Sheets comparison study. Each user was given 8 real-life questions around a real investment dataset with varying levels of complexity.

Key constraint: Participants had never seen Polymer before and were not given any training or onboarding
Key Takeaway
Despite zero onboarding or training, Polymer handily beat the spreadsheet for extracting insights and answering real-life questions. Polymer users were both more effective and faster at finding the answers, by a large margin.
Who is Behind Polymer?
From AI to the UI, we combine years of experience, and a passion for technology, computer science, product, & design.
Ash Gupta
Co-Founder, CEO
Former Tech Lead for ML and Measurement at Google Ads
Wall Street Quantitative Developer at D.E. Shaw
PhD, Computer Science, Black Box Systems and Performance
Yasser Ansari
Roots in Product and Design. Previously launched EdTech venture with National Geographic and built a product/design consultancy with clients including Google, Pinterest, Robinhood, and startups in YC and Techstars. NYU/ITP alum.
Bring Polymer's Magic to your Data
Unparalleled data productivity for you and your team.